Research Awards and Honors


Dr. Lakes' CV details more than 20 awards or honors received in the last 18 years. These include:

2015    Visiting Fellow, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

2012    Health Disparities Research Loan Repayment Award, National Institutes of Health

2011    Aspen Brain Forum Prize in Neuro-Education, Young Investigator Award Aspen Brain Forum, New York Academy of Sciences

2010 Health Disparities Research Loan Repayment Award, National Institutes of Health

2008  Outstanding Recent Graduate Award, School of Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

2008    Health Disparities Research Loan Repayment Award, National Institutes of Health

 2006    Health Disparities Research Loan Repayment Award, National Institutes of Health

Research Service to Governmental Agencies

Dr. Lakes’ expertise has been recognized by invitations to participate in scientific review panels for the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

International Research Consultation

Dr. Lakes is currently working on collaborative scientific projects in five countries outside of the United States – South Africa, Ireland, United Kingdom, Iran, and Hong Kong. These studies focus on child neurodevelopment, self-regulation, ADHD, and Autism in diverse regions of the world. 

Current Areas of Research Focus

Therapeutic interventions to improve mental health and executive functions in children, especially children with neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, Autism) and children in underserved or minority communities.

Psychological assessment 

Dr. Lakes also has research expertise in the field of psychological assessment, particularly in the following areas: a) Diagnostic tools for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism, b)  Assessment of children’s self-regulation (including attentional and behavioral control), c)    Applications of generalizability theory to the study of observer ratings of children’s behavior, emotions, and attention, and d)   Cognitive and behavioral assays to test engagement of executive functions during intervention.

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